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Journey to OKC’s traditionally untraditional treasure by the tracks.

At Hillbilly’s we layer on the flavor and our moonshine will have you seeing stars! Your taste buds and tummy won’t ever be the same once you go Full Hillbilly!


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pa's shrimp   10

Five large Gulf shrimp, seasoned, skewered, and grilled. Served with house made yellow remoulade.

fried pickles & onions   6

White onion petals and house made bread & butter pickles served with a side of ranch.

pretzel coverEd cheese curds   7.5

Crispy, gooey, oh so freakin’ good!
Served with dark ale mustard.

surfin' sampler   14

White fish bites, shrimp,oysters, and chicken - all fried
to perfection, served on a pile of pepper slaw and cajun BBQ chips.

folsom fries   5

Crispy french fries smothered with Swiss cheese,
Cajun cream sauce, crispy bacon, and green onions.

crawfish s.o.s.   8.5

Blackened crawfish tossed with house

made Cajun cream sauce served over toast.

swamp brothers frog legs   9

Flash-fried, dusted with Creole spice,
served with orange remoulade.

crawfish rangoon   6

Fried wontons filled with cream cheese, crawfish & cajun spices, served with a sweet soy dipping sauce.

backwoods eggrolls   6

Corned beef, Swiss & cabbage filled egg rolls
served with Creole mustard.


chargrilled half dozen   12

Pick your flavor or split between two.

chargrilled fulL dozen   24

Pick your flavor or split between three.

Willie’s Favorite
Melted garlic butter and parmesan.

Ragin’ Cajun
Grilled with seasoned panko, house made
hot sauce, and parmesan.

Lemon Dill
Topped with a refreshing house made
lemon dill sauce.

oyster nachos   10

House made chips loaded with fried oysters, melted parmesan cheese, and orange remoulade.

horny toad fried oysters   9

Hand breaded, fresh oysters flash fried
& served with your choice of dipping sauce.

Willie's Favorite Chargrilled Oysters




horny toad oyster   10.5

Fresh, hand-breaded oysters dressed with either slaw
or greens, tomatoes, and pickles. You pick the sauce!

uncle JesSe's Crispy White Fish   8

Fried, seasonal ocean white fish topped with southern slaw and cider sauce.

smoky mountain meatball   8

Smoked mozzarella-stuffed meatballs and pancetta marinara topped with parmesan cheese.

thunder boy   10.5

Crispy fried crawfish, served on sweet pepper slaw, topped with fried wontons, green onions, and
sriracha mayo.

campfire drip beef   8

Slow roasted beef with sautéed leek and shallot relish, topped with melted horseradish cheddar.

Add our dark ale mustard for only a buck!

mack daddy’s muff   9

Hard salami, roast beef, swiss and mozzeralla cheeses toasted and served with Creole mustard, tapenade, greens, tomato, pickles, mayo, and Greek vinaigrette.

jed’s blackened shrimp   10.5

Plenty of blackened grilled or fried shrimp dressed
with either slaw or greens, tomatoes, and pickles.

You pick the sauce!

the Flatlander   8

Crispy chicken tenders, greens, tomato, pickles,
ranch dressing, and ghost pepper cheese.

shanks’ blackened crawfish   10.5

Blackened crawfish, grilled or fried, dressed with either slaw or greens, tomatoes & pickles. You pick the sauce!

shannon’s reuben   8

Corned beef, sauerkraut, melted swiss, and 1000 island dressing served open faced on a toasted baguette.

Throw an egg on it for a buck!

best pulled pork ever   7

Dry rubbed, slow roasted pork with bacon BBQ sauce
and southern slaw.

ellie mae’s grilled veggies   7

Marinated veggies with roasted red pepper hummus, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, mixed greens, and

feta cheese.


Full Hillbilly   3

Add chips and a drink to any Main.

fried taters   3

Thick sliced tater chips with Cajun BBQ seasoning.

french fries   4

Tossed in Cajun BBQ seasoning.

hillbilly red beans & rice

cup   3      bowl   5.5

Our take on the Creole classic.

sweet pepper slaw   2

Sweet with a kick, like a  friendly, football-playin’ mule.

southern slaw   2

We do declare this slaw is  mighty fine.

Grilled Veggies   3

Marinated seasonal veggies.

fresh pickles & onions   3

Sho ’nuf, some powerful stuff.


All sauces just a buck

Yellow Remoulade

Orange Remoulade

Buttermilk Ranch

Creole Mustard

Bacon BBQ

Pancetta Marinara

Dark Ale Mustard

Tangy Cider Sauce

Cajun Cream


bread puddin'   4

Baked to perfection and topped with an apple pie moonshine glaze. Add salted caramel ice cream for $2.

Served on your choice
of a toasted baguette,
a bed of steamed rice,
or mixed greens.

One giant


lEap for

moOn SHots

Ole Smoky - Tennessee   5

An unaged corn whiskey made from corn grown by local farmers in East Tennessee made for sippin’.

catdaddy spiced - N. Carolina   5

An unaged spirit made from corn, triple-distilled & handcrafted in small batches with hints of vanilla,

nutmeg & cinnamon.

Platte Valley - Missouri   5

Simple nose that is slightly yeasty, which leads to a palete that has touches of vanilla with a short and clean finish.


the best   7
Basil Hayden’s®

Knob Creek® Bourbon

Knob Creek® Rye


the great   6
Booker’s® Bourbon

Bulleit® Bourbon

Bulleit® Rye

Crown Royal®


Maker’s Mark®

the good   5
Elijah Craig®

George Dickel®

Jack Daniel’s®

Old Crow®

Old Gran-Dad®

Old Overholt


the huggy bear   8.5

Gummy bear infused Ole Smoky Moonshine, vanilla simple syrup, fresh lime juice, and cranberry juice.

bloOdy mary lou   10

Ole Smoky Moonshine, fresh jalapeno, sriracha, worcestershire, celery, and olives.

hillbilly margarita   8.5

Ole Smoky Moonshine with a splash of Patron Citronage Lime, and jalapeno simple syrup.

ginger jackass   8.5

Catdaddy Spiced Moonshine, vanilla

simple syrup, fresh lime juice, and Royal Jamaican ginger beer. This jackass kicks!

rednEck cherry   7.5

Cherry infused Ole Smoky Moonshine,

brown sugar simple syrup, and Mexican Coke.

limeades   7.5

Fresh squeezed lime juice, vanilla simple syrup,

and lemon lime soda.

Fruit Punch




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We’ll see you in the hole!

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